The quintessential facial toner and body spray, hydrosols are a must-have in your personal care routine. They calm, cool, and hydrate skin to bring a healthy, glowing complexion. Perfect for after the shower to help balance pH, tone and refresh skin.

I distill specifically for hydrosol. In order to capture the plant's cellular water and nutritive components, I slow distill fresh, locally grown plants from my property and near by farms. My process captures all of the volatiles (essential oil) but more importantly, the cellular water from the living plants. I distill in both traditional copper alembic and hybrid copper and stainless steel stills for high-quality distillates. My hydrosols are collected and stored in glass carboys.

These hydrosols are special impressions of the plants during a moment in time when they were harvested. Each batch is characteristically unique like a fingerprint that captures a snapshot like no other. The growing environment (amount of rain, sunlight and soil condition), and the harvest (plant parts selected, and time during its growing cycle it was harvested), make each distillation a work of art that is part science and part love. Offerings will change with the seasons so check back often as some that are out of stock now will return during the plant's next seasonal harvest.

Note: Due to COVID-19 many manufacturing resources are being diverted and there is currently an industry wide shortage on glass bottles with atomizer tops. Fine mist sprayers are in high demand right now. I am doing my best to provide continuity in packaging but please understand if alternate packaging is used.