Your skin has very active sebaceous glands and characteristically medium to large size pores. Your skin has quite a bit of shine and is typically thicker, firmer and less sensitive than other types. Oily skin can be part of your genetics, a result of diet, hormones, stress, or your skincare routine. Oily skin types are usually prone to painful breakouts, a red, swollen appearance that is almost always complicated by hormone cycles.

What you can do. The tendency is to try striping the oil from your skin with harsh commercial cleansers, peels, and scrubs. Your skin will respond to this by increasing oil production. Instead, replace these products with something that gently cleans without striping and provides some nourishment to support your skin. 

My hero ingredient for oily skin is juniper berry with its mildly astringent quality and ability to detoxify congested skin. Cedarwood essential oil and red raspberry seed oil are other complimentary ingredients chosen for their oil balancing properties, and to help get secretions under control. 

Other things you can do. Pay attention to your diet and stress level to see where you can make positive changes. Keeping things clean is important, think about changing your pillow case more frequently, same with your washcloth if you use one, and avoid touching your hands to your face when possible. 

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