Past Soap of The Month Boxes


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Is joining Soap of the Month Club swirling around in your head? Why not try a single box? Are you a club member and want to nab another bar of a favorite? Here's your chance to get individual past Soap of The Month Boxes.

Why are there extra boxes? Sometimes there is an overproduction. Also, members of the club are able to skip a shipment for any reason, and so it will be offered here. 

Watch my unboxing videos and see me reveal what's inside.

Quantities are limited. 

April 2022: Herbal Twist
May 2022: Cedar Juniper
June 2022: Island Girl 
August 2022: Rosemary Lemon
September 2022: Triple Oatmeal (Lavender Bergamot)
October 2022: Apricot Wheat Beer (Wood's Brewing)
November 2022: Vanilla Spice