Earth Day April 2022

Earth Day April 2022


April's Soap of The Month is "Herbal Twist" ~ check out the video to see the unboxing!  




Why join the club? 

  • Exclusivity. One-of-a-kind soap bars created just for the membership
  • Variety. Each month will have a theme. Scents will change with the seasons
  • Never run out. No more panic moments in the shower wondering if you have another bar of soap
  • Convenient, automatic delivery. You can stop anytime and even skip a month.

How it works:

  • Subscription is month-to-month.
  • First billing is the day you subscribe, subsequent months are charged on the first of every month
  • Shipments are delivered by mid-month

Shipment includes:

  • One bar of soap. Most of the bars will be ones created exclusively for the membership and a few will be bars from my online shop
  • An extra item such as a sample size product or other mindfully selected item related to that month's theme

Click here to sign up for the Soap of The Month Club!



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