Soap That Won't Make Me Itch

Soap That Won't Make Me Itch

I want soap that won’t make me itch

Why do I itch after a shower or bath?

Itching after a shower or bath is pretty common. It can be caused by dry skin, or some other skin condition.

Soaking in a hot bath for long periods of time can actually cause your skin to lose some of its natural oils. The hot water dissolves the natural protective barrier that keeps skin hydrated, leaving the skin dry and itchy.

Harsh detergent soaps can strip the skin of its acid mantle (natural oil barrier) leaving the skin less moisturized and dry and itchy. Soap residue left on the skin can also cause itching.


Make these simple changes to your shower routine


Here are some things you can do to avoid the itch

  • Don’t completely dry off. Instead of rubbing with a towel, pat skin dry and leave a little bit of water on the skin.
  • Moisturize with body oil immediately after showering while skin is still damp to lock in moisture and apply a protective barrier. Use body oils that contain essential oils rather than synthetic fragrance. Many essential oils have skin soothing benefits. The benefits  of body oil should last all day.
  • Hydrated skin is less prone to itchiness. Drink water and hydrate often.
  • Discontinue use of sodium laurel sulfate (detergent) soaps -  most people find detergent causes the skin to feel tight and itchy. Switch to real soap made with moisturizing oils like olive and coconut.
  • Avoid hot showers and baths.

These simple changes to your shower routine should do the trick. If you’re ready to try real soap, I have a selection of all natural handmade soaps that leave skin soft and moisturized. My body oil is perfect for your post-shower routine to help keep skin soft and supple and moisturized.

Heres to your healthy skin,

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