Real soap is a salt

Real soap is a salt

Wait, what? Yes, soap is a salt. In simple terms, true soap is the alkali salt of a fatty acid. 

Let me explain. Soap itself does not occur in nature; but it can be handcrafted through an artisanal process. In this way it is similar to artisan-made bread, wine, beer, cheese, hand-blown glass, or hand-thrown pottery.

Saponification is the term for the chemical reaction used to create soap. During saponification when fats or oils meet an alkali (sodium hydroxide) the alkali splits the fats or oils into two components: fatty acids and glycerin. Afterward, the sodium part of the alkali joins with the fatty acid part of the fat or oils. This combination is then the alkali salt of the fatty acid or real soap. The glycerin remains in the soap as a natural humectant and draws moisture to the skin. Each full size bar of Mountain Girl Soap contains almost a half of an ounce of naturally occurring glycerin. Isn't that cool?!

real soap is a salt

All of Mountain Girl Soaps are genuine soaps. I handcraft them in the traditional cold processed method using a combination of selected, superior fats and oils and sodium hydroxide. I control every step of the process including formulation, careful weighing of ingredients, hand stirring, hand pouring and hand cutting. My soap is crafted to moisturize, condition, and promote healthy skin. Why don't you try some?

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