Benefits of California Rose Hydrosol

Benefits of California Rose Hydrosol

Some call it Rose Water, hydrosol, hydrolat, floral water. It’s the product of steam distilling wild California Rose petals. What makes it so special is that it contains the flower’s cellular water from its petals, including vitamins, antioxidants, micro amounts of rose essential oil, and all the water-soluble constituents.

The main benefits of Rose Hydrosol are that it is calming, soothing and can reduce redness. It’s hydrating properties help improve dry skin. Rose hydrosol is very gentle and beneficial for all skin types. Rose water makes a really great natural facial cleanser for sensitive skin, apply with a cotton pad or simply spritz on the face. It works exceptionally well to activate a dry facial clay mask.

Rose hydrosol is green beauty to the core. This botanical is simple, naturally powerful, yet gentle.

When purchasing rose hydrosol make sure the ingredients say “hydrosol” or “distillate”; some products have ingredients consisting of water and essential oils – this is not the same thing. A true hydrosol cannot be formulated; it only comes from the distillation process.

Here’s a video highlighting the process I use to make rose hydrosol. These wild roses are only available for a small window of time each spring, so quantities are limited.

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