Announcing Mountain Girl Rewards Program

Announcing Mountain Girl Rewards Program

I'm thrilled you are part of the Mountain Girl Soap family and I want to show appreciation. It means a lot that you would choose my soap over others. Many customers have requested a loyalty program - and well, you asked and I listened. 

A couple of months ago I partnered with a loyalty company to reward you for being part of my family. 

At this time the program is small - not more than a little sapling pushing it's way up. In the coming months, it will grow tall and strong as I add more features and offer exclusive offers to members. 

Membership is automatic so you can start taking advantage of your rewards now. To check your rewards points balance and learn how to accumulate points simply log in and click the REWARDS tab.

I'm always open to your ideas so let me know what you think and if there is anything you'd like to see in your program.


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