All-Natural Way to Beat The Heat

All-Natural Way to Beat The Heat

This year is seeing record breaking temps up and down the West Coast. Sharing my newest distillate with you ~ a cooling body spray. This hydrosol is a synergistic blend of corriander seed and lemon balm! 

This oh-so fresh hydrosol has an aroma that is fruity, spicy, citrusy, and herbal.  A bonus is that I preserve my hydrosol with silver which gives malodor protection! So far, I've noticed the deodorant effect lasts me half a day before I need to reapply (if needed). And of course, the aromatherapy effect is always welcomed - elevates mood, aids relaxing, helps mental focus. Very limited quantity.

My favorite uses:

    • Cooling body spray
    • Malodor protection (deodorant)
    • Facial toner.  For all skin types.
    • A great alternative to essential oils



Sending cool summertime vibes,

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