Our Customers Comment...

These products are amazing! I recently took the skin care test and purchased the 3 step skin care line. Let me tell you I am loving it, and telling anyone that will listen how awesome it is! I have crazy sensitive skin and this product line is making it feel so good. I highly recommend taking the test and trying these products because you will not be disappointed!

Sam M


I feel the quality of these products on my skin. I believe that they are first rate, and the ingredients are natural and healthy.

Susan B


Love the products! I now get compliments on my complexion. Thank you.

Janice H


The postman had a hard time handing over this package to us at the door because it 'smelled so good'. Great soap, great scents!

Danny + Amy


I purchased the foaming cleanser, the toner and the face serum. My skin is sensitive and I did not have a bad reaction from my new products. What I did notice on day 1 (I'm not kidding) is the perpetual dry spot on my face is gone! Now just in case it was my wishful thinking, I waited until day 3 to write this. Still gone. I am also noticing marked improvement on the other troubled area of my face. I can't tell you how happy I am with these new products. I can't wait to see what my face looks like in a month! I had previously, for several years, been using another product...an expensive department store brand. Mountain Girl Soap has made my skin feel so soft and look better in just 3 days. I will definitely recommend this to all my friends and anybody who reads this. It is also less expensive than my previous brand. To say the least, I am very pleased.

Stacey T


The wonderful aroma when I opened the box. Beautiful! And a free sample also which I started with this morning. Great lather, rich and luxurious feel to these soaps and my skin felt wonderfully soft. And pretty packaging!

Christine M


My husband and I are both very particular when it comes to soap. These soaps are absolutely wonderful! They suds up beautifully, rinse totally clean, and of course, the scents are incredible! So happy we’ve found you! 

Sarah F

Thanks for making MY day! I received your beautifully packaged gift yesterday that I ordered and couldn't wait to begin taking better care of my skin.  Over the years I've realized my commitment to caring for my face has waned considerably. I was raised by woman who were (name removed) consultants and my one aunt rose to corporate level traveling the world for this company. We were personal friends with the original owners and couple who developed this line...So, taking care of our bodies/skin was very highly regarded throughout my life. But as big business and big money goes once (they) passed away the products ceased to have the quality they were once recognized for. 
Over the years I have tried to find something close to the original (name removed) but I have never once felt they came close to the mark. So my practice of caring for my face has really fell by the wayside.... Last night I used the 3 products as directed and all I can say is WOW! What a wonderful experience. The smells, the feel of the foam cleanser, mist and serum combination made my face feel like a million bucks...My only regret is that I didn't order this sooner. Thanks for your commitment to producing a product as pure and lovely as this. 

  Julie Y


Our cornerstone product, our bar soap, has changed the lives of many women with its gentle cleansing. If you need some help being convinced try our sample pack of bar soap with FREE shipping.