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  • The membership is currently full. You can get on the waitlist to be notified when new members are being accepted.
  • This is an automatic recurring monthly subscription. A regular credit card payment type is needed. Cannot be combined with other offers or coupons.
  • If you have an account, please sign in first.  
  • If you are local to Redding, California and would like the Local Pickup option - Send me a message after purchase and I will refund shipping and set you up on local pickup for future months. 

Why join the club? 

  • Exclusive soap bars created just for the membership
  • Variety. Each month will have a theme. Scents will change with the seasons
  • Never run out. No more panic moments in the shower wondering if you have another bar of soap
  • Convenient, automatic delivery. You can stop anytime and even skip a month.

How does it work?

  • Subscription is month-to-month, and you can cancel at anytime
  • First billing is the day you subscribe, subsequent months are charged on the first of every month
  • Shipments are delivered by mid-month, usually around the 15th.
What do the shipments include?
  • The full box includes the following:
    • One bar of soap. Most of the bars will be ones created exclusively for the membership and a few will be bars from my online shop
    • Another small item such as a sample size product or other mindfully selected item related to that month's theme
    • Sneak preview of the following month's soap bar.
  • View my unboxing videos to see me reveal what's inside.


    • Can I make a substitution? Sorry, substitutions cannot be made. Soap is made exclusively for the members in advance, based on number of club memberships.
    • Are different scent options available? Scent options are not available. However, if you don't care for a scent that is coming up you can gift the bar or you can skip that month. Just log into your account and click "manage subscriptions".
    • Is there a discount for subscribing? No, there is no discount available as this is a curated offering with exclusive items not available otherwise.
    • I really like this month's soap bar, do you ever have extra soap left over? Anytime there is an extra box it will be offered to our waitlist. You can get on the list to get notice when there are extras.
    • Do you accept returns? Soap of the Month Club items are not returnable.