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 The quintessential facial toner and body spray, hydrosols are a must-have in your personal care routine. They calm, cool, and hydrate skin to bring a healthy, glowing complexion. Perfect for after the shower to help balance pH, tone and refresh skin.

We steam-distill our own hydrosols from plants and trees grown locally. We slow distill in both traditional copper alembic and hybrid copper and stainless steel stills for high-quality distillates. Our hydrosols are collected and stored in glass carboys and growlers.

Our hydrosols are special impressions of the plants during a moment in time when they were harvested. Each batch is characteristically unique like a fingerprint that captures a snap shot like no other. The growing environment - amount of rain or sunlight and soil condition, the harvest - plant parts and time during its growing cycle it was harvested, make each distillation a work of art that is part science and part love. We are honored to be able to accept what the plants are offering - their sweet, sticky nectar and aroma - and breathe it in and share it with you. 

Note: Due to COVID-19 many manufacturing resources are being diverted and there is currently an industry wide shortage on clear glass bottles with atomizer tops. Fine mist sprayers are in high demand right now. We are doing our best to provide continuity in packaging but please understand if alternate packaging is used.