Douglas-Fir Liquid Foaming Hand Soap

  • The perfect hand soap for tree lovers. We start with our gentle house made Castile liquid soap made with local olive oil from Corning, California. Then we add our artisan steam-distilled Douglas-Fir hydrosol from trees grown and harvested on our land. We slow distill fresh Douglas-Fir needles in a traditional copper alembic still for a high-quality hydrosol. Click here to learn more. Douglas-Fir is the most lemony conifer scent and is very aromatic, it's refreshing with citrus, coniferous and woody notes. Read more about this remarkable tree and what makes Douglas-Fir so special.  Store in a cool, dry place. Use within one year of opening. Also available in a half-gallon size refill bottle! Refills your foamer pump 8 times.
      1. Vegan
      2. Net Wt. 8 fl oz (237ml) and 64 fl oz refill
      3. No added SLS, fragrance, dyes or palm oil
      4. For all skin types
      5. Every order equals one tree planted; you can help regrow Northern California!
      1. Olive oil, Corning, California
      2. Pseudotsuga menziesii  (Douglas-Fir) Hydrosol, grown, harvested and distilled on-site in Oak Run, California
      1. Pseudotsuga menziesii  (Douglas-FirHydrosol These cedar trees were grown and harvested right here on our land. We steam distill fresh fir needles in a copper alembic still for a high-quality hydrosol.  
      2. Liquid Castile Soap We handcraft our housemade Castile soap from scratch with local olive oil for ultimate mildness. Our natural soap is gentle and non-stripping.
      3. Pseudotsuga menziesii  (Douglas-Fir) Hydrosol (Distillate), Liquid Castile (Olea europaea, Cocos nucifera*, Water, Potassium Hydroxide (lye)). *Organic

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