Hemp Washcloth


  • Elevate your daily bath ritual with our hand-crocheted washcloths. The fiber is naturally, yet gently, exfoliating, effectively sloughing off dead skin cells. The "airy" design is intentional as it helps increase lather of your bar soap. Washcloth is handmade with 100% earth-friendly, unbleached hemp (Cannabis sativa) fiber. We hand crochet these wonderful washcloths in-house, so sometimes we sell out of them. Did you know that one acre of hemp will produce as much fiber as two to three acres of cotton? Hemp fiber is stronger and softer than cotton and lasts twice as long and requires no pesticides and no herbicides to grow.
    1. Mold and mildew resistant. Naturally antibacterial.
    2. Strong, and long-lasting. 
    3. Gets softer with washing.
    4. CARE: Hand wash, thoroughly rinse, and drip dry.
    1. Washcloth made in Oak Run, California. Hemp fiber sourced from Romania.
    1. Handmade with 100% earth-friendly, unbleached hemp (Cannabis sativa) fiber. 

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